Model Train Track, Choosing Your First Train

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Model trains are a toy that has fascinated both adults and children since the days that real trains began rolling along their tracks. In the beginning they where carved from wood, then crafted out of metal, however they are made model trains have always been a favorite toy. Setting up a model train layout can be a great hobby but with so much to know it can be very difficult to decide what type of train to use.

Most of the model trains we get today are built to scale of regular trains. The models use a system of scale and gauge to categorize their different sizes. When talking about scale we are referring to a percentage of the size of a real locomotive. The gauge refers to the amount of space between the rails. You can collect a number of different sizes and gauges such as the HO, O and G models. Model trains have become collectors items that hobbyists love to put together to create a unique scene for their model trains. These train track layouts are very customizable, you can build it in any way you can imagine. Model trains can be purchased as a set or individual cars. You can even get trains based on the ones you see in movies, or trains that where in use many years ago.

There are many different companies around the world that make hobby train sets and accessories. One of the more popular manufactures is called Lionel trains. This company has been making model trains since the early 1900's. You can get a great starter set that is easy to use and set up, as well as cars for all types of collectors. You will be able to find many different types of Lionel trains sets and accessories at a variety of hobby shops.

Another popular manufacturer is MTH model train company which was started by a train maker that manufactured parts for the Lionel train sets. This company still makes Lionel trains as well as many of their own products. MTH model trains use new sound techniques and many other special features as well as other types of trains, such as subway cars and trolleys.

Whichever type of train set you decide to work with you are sure to find the construction of a model train set to be fascinating and a very addictive hobby. Many people choose to share this hobby with their family and children. What kid doesnt love playing with trains? Aside from which manufacturer to purchase your hobby train items from, there are many different factors you need to consider before you buy your train sets. Be sure to do some research, search the internet, check some websites or forums. You will be able to find lots of information that will make the building of your model train truly enjoyable.
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Model Train Track, Choosing Your First Train

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This article was published on 2011/02/17