Should You Buy a Train Truck Horn

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The installation and use of train truck horns, which are normally installed on personal tracks and heavy vehicles, has become popular due to various reasons. Let us go through some old as well as newly useful applications of these products. Some are acceptable in society, some not, some are even not ethical, but they are part of the new found popularity of these kits, so we shall go take a look at them anyway.

The first and obvious application of as a warning device. Although it is rare for there to be need for personal vehicles to offer a warning of such a loud and intrusive nature, there are some instances where this can be useful. In areas of high wildlife population, for instance, train truck horns are useful in scaring the animals away from the road, and hopefully deterring them altogether from any further use of that area. Also, when used on emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances, their utility becomes obvious.
Another application of these horns that is not so ethical, is for their entertainment value. They are very loud, and when activated suddenly on unsuspecting people, can cause different and sometimes extreme reactions. There is a section of society that has taken to using these horns to play pranks on others, e.g. by driving past a residential neighborhood and blasting the horn, then hiding the vehicle and waiting to watch the residents baffled, panicked, and searching for the source. Not a condonable application, but one that is gaining a lot of popularity. This is however illegal in some areas and can cause serious health problems on the exposed citizens.
Another and somewhat incredulous (if the above was not enough) application of is to produce music, if it can be called that. At the start of their use, the very first train horns only produced one musical note (although the pitch/tone of this could be varied in various ways). Nowadays though there are models that can produce many notes (most around 6). Many enthusiasts, probably many of whom are also fans of the previously mentioned application, have taken to finding a way to playing simple songs with their train truck horns, and even creating a mini orchestra if u will by parking their vehicles side by side and playing in unison.

Finally, a train truck horn in some areas is used as a fashion statement. Depending on the model, number of notes it can produce, or simply its loudness, it is growing in popularity as a vehicle accessory.
All the above applications have greatly increased the popularity of truck train horns, although the value added to society is questionable. However, through legislation, most of these applications might soon be illegal in many areas.

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Should You Buy a Train Truck Horn

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This article was published on 2010/04/03