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Lionel, being one of the top designers and importers of toy trains, has produced a large number of train sets for the public's use. Although they are known for their electric train sets, the company has also manufactured some wood train sets.

A wood train set consists of a train which runs on wooden tracks. These wooden tracks have small grooves in them to help the train run on them. This type of train sets are usually made of hardwood. Nowadays, however, some of the wooden parts may be replaced by plastic parts.

The Lionel express wood trains may also be called the Lionel Heritage Series. The company partnered with Maxim in the late 2005.

An example of the Lionel express wood train set in the Lionel Heritage Series is the Lionel Santa Fe Express Figure 8 train set. This set includes a 3-piece Santa Fe engines which are connected to each other with the use of magnets. The set also includes intersection tracks in an 8-like figure. These tracks are made out of high quality wood. There are also some pieces of wood in the background scenery such as wooden barns, trees, plastic signs, and animal figures.

Another example of the Lionel express wood train is the Maxim Lionel 125 Pc. City Center Train Set. This set is also part of the Lionel Heritage Series. This set's wooden tracks include different styles of straight, curve, and switch tracks. The train is also connected to each other via magnets. A fire station and garage building is also parts of its background effects. This set has an additional multi level support which allows young people to be creative in designing how their railway will look like.

The Lionel express wood trains also includes other scenarios. This type of Lionel products are advisable to give as gifts to very young children as they don't need electricity in order for these trains to run. After all, who wants to endanger a child's life?

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The Lionel Wooden Train Set

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This article was published on 2010/03/31